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The Grow 20,000 Trees Challenge!

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Join the Grow 20,000 Trees Challenge today!

Trees for Life Canada is inviting all elementary teachers to work together and grow 20,000 trees for World Environment Day on June 5th. Our mission is to support teachers with easy, curriculum-based lessons online that save you time and get your students engaged in life sciences. The Grow A Tree Program is just the beginning.

Everyone benefits when a child grows a tree

Sounds really simple, but when children plant seeds and grow their own little trees the effect within is magic. Growing plants connects with our innate caring, curiosity, pride and compassion for our planet. It grows incredible little ambassadors for the environment in every school. By making life sciences and biodiversity lessons fun and active we strengthen lifelong connections to the environment our kids will grow a greener, healthier future.

How can you participate?

It’s easy! register on www.thegrowatreeprogram.com today and preview all our lessons to find what you would like to use in your classroom. Then order seeds and cartons for your class today so we can ship them to you and your students can start growing. Just $1 per student.

World Environment Day

You will need to supply light fluffy potting soil for each student (do not use dark topsoil) and follow the planting instructions on the seed packet and get growing.

Count your seedlings!! Send us a pic!

Count how many trees your class is growing! Take pics as they sprout and each week as they grow bigger and email them to us at helpingteachers@thegrowatreeprogram.com

We can’t wait to see them!
Your class can also post their tree pics using the hashtag #treeschallenge  or tagging us on Instagram Facebook or Twitter.


Trees Challenge

Inspire your kids with “The World’s Coolest Forests” videos

A new adventure travel series with episodes under 20 minutes. Hosts Dony & Michelle take kids to unique forests around the world to explore biodiversity and exciting ecosystems. After you register you can find these videos under the Grade 4, 5, 6 sections on our website – enjoy!


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