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Conservation of Resources Overview

Conservation of Resources

The core of the Grade 5 program deals with introducing students to the concept of Resource Conservation.

Environment conservation

Resources are features of the environment that are important and of value to humans in one form or another. However, the advancement of modern civilization has had a great impact on our planet’s natural resources. So, conserving natural resources is very essential today. There are many ways that one can conserve natural resources. All you need to do is to look around, see what natural resources you are using, and find out ways to limit your usage. Many people use natural gas or oil to heat their water and their home. You can monitor how much you are using to minimize its usage.

While this unit will focus on the conservation of trees, there are many other natural resources that are best managed through conservation.

For conservation of natural resources like oil or natural gas, one can get a tankless water heater as it reduces the usage of natural gas. The other way to save on oil or gas is to use another energy source for instance hydro, solar or wind power are all healthy and great alternatives that conserve natural resources. In fact, these energy sources are clean and healthy for environment. They do not emit or produce harmful gases or toxins into the environment and are renewable.

Today, people are finding new ways to conserve natural resources. For example, Hydro-power and solar power are great choices. Power generated from these sources conserves natural resources like fossil fuels from oil and gas. We can also conserve natural resources like our trees through practicing recycling and using recycled products. Many products come from the trees like paper, cups, cardboard and envelopes. By recycling these products you can reduce the number of trees cut down each year. Use paper products without being wasteful and always recycle them so they are remade into new paper products conserving trees.

grow a treeTrees are one of the most important resources on the planet.  By planting a tree you are doing your part to help conserve and renew this valuable resource for generations to come!

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