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What is The Grow A Tree Program?

The Grow-A-Tree Program is a unique set of online tools designed to help teachers get students excited about environmental education.

The educational material and resources provided through the program are based on common attributes in the life sciences curriculum of Canadian provinces.

The Grow-A-Tree Program membership includes 1 year of access to:

  • Exciting classroom materials,games and student activities
  • Professionally designed new media lessons, PowerPoint presentations and student worksheets
  • Optional purchase of native tree seeds and cartons for each student in the class at $1 per student
  • New Online access to “World’s Coolest Forests” travel show video series

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Registration is $25 annually per teacher.

The Grow-A-Tree Program is an environmental education program developed by Trees for Life Canada, a non profit operating in Canada for over 20 years. We provide educators with online resources to help students learn how to grow their own tree was well as learning about important concepts in environmental education.

We want to encourage students to grow trees in their communities. Students take away both a wealth of knowledge about ecology from the activities, and a sense of accomplishment from the planting of a tree they grew themselves from a seed.

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Registration includes access to online lesson plans, multi-media teaching material, and The World’s Coolest Forests episodes online. Native tree seeds and biodegradable cartons for your class are only $1 per student plus $15 shipping to anywhere across Canada.

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